Korrasami – A Christian Perspective

Wow Nickelodeon. You went there.
*Spoiler Alert*

Never would have thought I’d see the day. If you aren’t aware of what I’m referring to let me give you the skinny.

The Legend of Korra is an amazing American animated cartoon. Well, it was actually animated in South Korea and written by Americans. It has a very distinct anime style incorporating a mix of both western and eastern influence. The story follows the Avatar, the only person reincarnated through the ages that is able to manipulate the four elements: fire,earth,wind and water. This is the second Avatar series and in this era the Avatar is a young woman named Korra. She learns how to bend the elements. Various baddies threaten the safety of the world and she is tasked with defeating them while growing in her new role. The fight scenes are top notch. The music is captivating. The characters are unique. All in all I can say it’s been my favorite animated series of the last few years.

While the show is rated Y7 and targeted for kids, there are a lot of adult themes thrown around. Romance is a big part of its appeal. Several characters develop romantic relationships. Unfaithfulness even becomes an issue in the first season. Korra falls in love with a boy named Mako. So does her friend Asami. Mako switches between the both of them until he decides that neither are for him. Korra and Asami become best friends that confide in one another, to the point where Korra trusts her more than anyone, including Mako. They make brief hints throughout of their developing relationship. But I never thought this kids show would ever actually make the two women a couple. I was wrong.

The very last scene shows the two walking hand in hand, gazing into each other’s eyes intensely. While they don’t kiss, they share the same pose every other couple takes throughout the story.

These stances were deliberately shown this way to emphasize the meaning of the final scene.It’s difficult to misconstrue. As far as the creators are concerned Korra and Asami are a couple. And if I’m not mistaken, they are the first lesbian couple in an American animated program targeted towards youth. This is huge. Homosexual elements are extremely common in Japanese animation, so it doesn’t faze me at all when I see it there. But on Nickelodeon? This represents a complete shift in American cultural values.

First of all I have to be honest, I sort of saw it coming. I was speaking to my co-worker about the show and I mentioned that I thought it would be nice if Korra didn’t end up with Mako. My idea for the ending was for Korra to realize she didn’t need romance to truly love someone. I wanted Asami to end up with Korra but as partners that could never be replaced by a spouse. So even though my personal values don’t align with the creators’ vision, I genuinely felt happy that the two bonded in such a profound way.

I once believed romance to be the highest form of human love. Now I think differently. After being in a 8 year relationship I realized I could never really be myself with the person I was with. Always worried about impressing her, or saying the wrong thing. I did not understand love until I was loved by others for who I really was inside. Spiritual family doesn’t care how you look, act, if you’re charming or dutiful. They love you simply for who you are. A spiritual family can be composed of anyone at all: parents, siblings, spouses, friends. The bonds are deeper than temporal relationships. The ties are eternal.

I have friends today that I know love me infinitely more than my previous romantic lovers. I may never find someone to have a baby with but true love is always available. If not from man, God has an everlasting love for me. And it is from this perspective that I choose to see Korra’s relationship with Asami. It doesn’t need to be romantic or sexual to be absolutely beautiful.

This ending was designed with two parties in mind, which I think is brilliant and is another reason I greatly value the series.The first party are those that see no issue with Korra being a lesbian. The second are those that do find issue. The first got what they wanted: Korrasami canonized. The second can sleep soundly with a certain sense of ambiguity the finale leaves us with. Since they didn’t kiss, a romantic relationship wasn’t really demonstrated. We can continue to pretend that they are simply very very good friends, that just happen to hold hands. For that reason alone I respect the creators, realizing that not everyone agrees on this issue. I am whole-heartedly satisfied with the entire series even though I am in complete disagreement with the direction our culture is headed in, in relation to God’s will.

How should Christians react? The issue will never go away and we have a responsibility to respond in the appropriate way. What is that way? Denounce the show and call it Satanic? Worked well for Pokemon and Yugioh right? Continue to tell Homosexuals they are going to Hell? I’m sure that’ll turn things around /sarcasm. We must continue to share the truth of the Gospel. Share it in love and not judgement. Not to put down but to lift up. Programs, comics, movies are going to follow in Korra’s footsteps and while we can never fully support the principle behind it, we can love and appreciate those that do, while respectfully disagreeing in beliefs.

I believe a true follower of Christ can never truly advocate the pro Homosexual position because it lies contrary to God’s will for man. Old and New Testament calls it Sin. (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11) Sin is simply “missing the mark”. God is very specific with his design. We can’t say in good conscious that it’d be a good idea to go against that design.

Now some might be wondering: “Isn’t it bigotry to not agree with Homosexuality?” Maybe, but according to the definition, it’s also bigotry to not agree with Christianity simply because it disagrees with Homosexuality. If you’re going to hate people for simply being intolerant of other’s opinions and beliefs please look in the mirror before you do. If you are intolerant of intolerant people, you are guilty on your own standard. People disagree, it’s what we do. And you know what? That’s OK. I believe God gave us free will to make our own choices. Do I believe God has a holy standard? Yes I do. One day we’ll all be judged by it. But I violate that standard every single day of my life. When I lie, hate, lust, envy and don’t act in the manner He wants me to. I don’t need to be a Homosexual to need God’s grace. I need it just as much as any other man or woman. I am no less a sinner. What a wonderful Father we have that died in our place, so that regardless of our errors we are forgiven. The truth is we’re all going to Hell but Christ is our way out.

I may have bad genes, bad upbringing or bad influences but at the end of the day I will face the consequences of my actions. Good or bad. God gives each man the choice to go His way or their own. His way is better, it has to be, He made everything there is. But ultimately He leaves it up to us to decide. We aren’t robots. Thank the Lord.

I am absolutely crazy about my gay and lesbian family members and friends. I love them with every fiber of my being and I want the absolute best for them. Of course, I believe the best for them is to follow God’s perfect plan but even if they don’t I will never condemn them for the choices they make. I believe a person cannot be full or complete without the love of God. But I also think people will miss out on their destiny by not accepting themselves and the order in which they were created.

To anyone repulsed by Christ’s Word or Church because of their sexuality: Christ wants you. Don’t miss out on the love of your Father simply because of that perceived barrier. Maybe I’m wrong about all of this. But let the Lord tell you Himself the plans He has for you, and who He truly made you to be. Pursue God as He is pursuing you. Straight or gay. His arms are open, waiting to receive you. He loves you. And I love you.



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  1. I can’t believe this happened on Nickelodeon. I’m in shock. But then again, considering all the other signs in American culture, it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. I’m just heartbroken. I can take the opposing viewpoints, but now they’re targeting our children?


    1. They have always been targeting our children, they’re just becoming less and less subtle about it. The course of the world is already set. I don’t think we can stop the momentum. It’s my personal opinion that the Church should respond in love and respectful transparency. I believe that’s all we can do as Christ’s ambassadors. Let us not be a stumbling block to those seeking acceptance, before they even understand the need for repentance.


  2. I was disappointed with the ending but not too surprised. I also think the creators did a great job at keeping it open enough for the viewer to decide how he/she wanted to consider the relationship. I just wish they had kept it ambiguous instead of confirming the relationship outside the show.

    I agree that Korra would have been a stronger character if she had set out on the trip with a platonic but intimate relationship with Asami or even alone. It’s sad that the creators couldn’t imagine Korra as content and happy without being in a romantic relationship.

    Your revelation that agape and philia are infinitely more to be desired and valued than the temporal eros was refreshing. I also appreciated your insight on the two-way street of bigotry. I wish we lived in a world where people could respectfully discuss differing opinions, ideas and beliefs without getting so upset and offended by the discord.

    I’m warily expectant that this finale is the opening of a floodgate to the frequency and normalization of homosexuality in American children’s entertainment. I know it was inevitable but it’s still depressing. I recalled Ruth Graham’s words, “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah,” when I read about the affirmation of Korrasami. It chills me.

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  3. Thank you for reminding me you can love someone but not live their lifestyle.. I really would like to think of them as becoming (as close as) sisters since Asami lost her family and Korra really was an only child and socially awkward, not really having friends in the beginning. This show is really close to my own heart because of all the characters and their struggles to make it in an imperfect world. I’ve been watching it since I was a teenager and loved it for how it goes against what is popular in this world e.g. Aang’s pacifism, not depicting violence and gore for the sake of it, girls wearing practical and modest clothes! Etc..

    I *loved* LOKorra, could never shut up about it. Didn’t initially know what to make of Korra and Asami being an official couple, as a Catholic girl, to be honest I was kind of heartbroken.. but maybe Korra did impart an important lesson in that final scene. Do I truly love everyone equally? Don’t we all sin in our own way.. I used to say that it didn’t matter if anyone was gay or straight it wouldn’t make a difference. But clearly in this case it did.. it shouldn’t. Still don’t agree with where this is going but at least this pointed how we fall short of our own ideals, we could do with being kinder to each other. All in all a show that brought joy to a lot of people, sad it’s ended..

    [Tho her eyes totally lit up when Mako said he’d always have her back 😉 They were really sweet as a couple and they both matured in the end…….so……just gonna sit here by myself holding a candle for them both ~~~ ]

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  4. As a Hindu I don’t share your view of the world.

    But let me relate something to you from my religion, perhaps it may help.

    Love is the one true thing in the material universe in which we reside, the rest is illusion, love is spiritual, love is god, and it is beautiful in all its forms.

    When you look at two people you need to go beyond the body.

    The body is material, it is illusion, the truth is the soul, and the soul is without gender (and without sexuality).

    Love transcends the material and material concerns, it is a spiritual experience a bond between souls.

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    1. Thank you for fully reading my views even though you don’t agree with them. I appreciate your respectful reply. I do agree that love transcends the material but I can’t deny the physical nature of reality either. Don’t take my own reply as an argument. I’m simply continuing the dialogue.

      This is going to be a little lengthy. I figure when you say love is the only truth you don’t mean it literally but I’m going to respond as if you do.

      I believe the soul does have gender. The Bible teaches that gender is not based only in genitalia but on intended purpose. Man cannot bear children, just as women cannot make their own seed. But our roles are more clearly defined than that. We each have our created purpose. Jesus remained a man upon His resurrection and I believe we will keep our gender as well. Our gender influences how we relate to God and I don’t think that can be changed even in death. God made genders from the start, so we can assume they are part of the original plan for mankind.

      “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”(Genesis 1:27)

      Nature isn’t concerned with philosophy. Atoms, Molecules, DNA, Cells, Organs, these only function through order. My preference and opinion has no affect on these. If all were illusion we wouldn’t have science, medicine or anything else that operates under the consistency of nature.

      Even if the universe is a hologram like some scientists claim, logic would be its building blocks, not love. Just as a virtual environment is composed of logical programming. We are therefore independent sources of logic. Truth still exists in the midst. It is true that you exist. The only way to get around truth is to deny your own existence. But how could you deny it if you don’t exist.

      My claims and opinions are based on the presupposition that the Bible is true. I don’t believe The Bible is only true to us but universally true. As much as I want it to be something else, it remains even when I myself die.It is the lens through which I measure the rest of the world.

      Now that’s not a rationale for why I believe it’s true. That topic I’m saving for another lengthy essay. It’s simply the reasoning I can’t agree with your claim that love is the only truth.

      God has love but is not purely love. He also displays justice, mercy, wrath, order and many other attributes that ultimately stem from His absolute perfection. Not every form of love is beautiful. The love of murder isn’t pretty. Neither is the love of torture. Who ultimately determines beauty? The Beholder? If the individual: then not all love is beautiful, for I deny the beauty in Sin. In the majority? Your ideal still falls short, for then my love of Christ’s order is seen as ugly. God determines beauty. He created the very ability to measure it. What you are referring to is preference not beauty.All may have preference but none can affirm true beauty. Except the one who introduced the concept.

      I believe there is undoubtedly more truth in the universe than love. Your statement is a nice sounding philosophical claim but I can’t see a rational way to defend it. Like contemplating a square circle.

      I believe in truth. 1 John 3:18 says ” Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth”. Truth or the real nature of reality is shown in logical consistency. While we currently do not have the means to predict the route of an electron, we can predict that we cannot predict it. For if there were many truths their contradicting claims would cancel each other out. Open yourself to the possibility of Christ and see if it is not filled with truth. You may not like the truth but it’s consistent.

      The relativist says there is no truth but undermines their own assertion, since they can’t believe it is true that there is no truth. Scientism is also self-refuting. Scientism tells us that we should not believe any proposition that cannot be scientifically proven. But what about that very proposition itself? It cannot itself be scientifically proven.

      I say truth was “proven” through the resurrection of Christ. “Proven” in the same way one must live under the “proof” that they exist. He claimed to be God, and provided evidence for that claim through the suspension of natural law. Miracles are so because of the uniformity of nature. If any man could raise the dead, or perform “magic” we wouldn’t be talking about Jesus would we? The evidence for that evidence is the historical testimony passed through the ages in The Bible, and ancient secular sources. One can choose to deny the authenticity of this evidence but no one can factually confirm that our faith is absent of evidence. The Bible is not exempt of scrutiny. If one part is false it all is. A task many undertake to rid the world of falsehood. Rightly so, for the Bible states in 1 Corinthians 15:

      “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.”

      If someone showed me the remains of my Master today I would turn away from this belief. I can fit a 16 billion year universe, dinosaurs and a perspective of the Word being mostly symbolic into my worldview. I cannot fit in a dead Christ. Either He lives or is dead. Truth or a lie. If He be God there is no room for my opinion, He sets the standard. For apart from Him I cannot exist.

      John 14:16 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

      I believe you are not an illusion. You are real, we all are. So is this physical world whatever it be made of. Your experiences are a result of real events happening to real people in a real time and place. I believe that not because I want to but because the evidence is overwhelming.

      I love your last statement. Love transcends the material and the experience is spiritual indeed. There is more we can relate with than just that.

      Again I thank you friend for sharing your beliefs, I was beginning to think that only people of my faith were reading. I pray you continue to seek truth and love. And as I said, I respect you and love you though I disagree with you 🙂

      If you’d like to speak more privately I’m open to more discussion.

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      1. See we have a different view, as a person changes clothing, so does the soul change bodies, and one can be anything across different lives, sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes animal or even plant.

        The soul is without gender and the bodies that it resides in are just illusory material sacks of chemicals and flesh, transitory vessels.

        As for love being the truth, love for god is truth, love for another soul is truth, but the other stuff, such as the material bodies around us and material desires, are illusion.

        To assign greater purpose than that to these mortal vessels is folly, only through understanding the temporary and illusory nature of these bodies can one transcend the cycle of life and death and return to god.

        The Soul exists, not this body, and the only order to this world is that which is given to it as part of the illusion that keeps us trapped in this material universe.

        The material universe is a trap of our own making, the only way out is to accept its illusory nature.

        Those other concepts you spout are material concepts, what need does the soul which is eternal and invulnerable for justice? It cannot be harmed, it cannot be stolen from, it exists outside time and space, Justice is meaningless to the soul.

        Our souls are real, these bodies are illusion.

        See you’re making the mistake of thinking that this flesh is the real deal. It’s this thinking that will trap you in the cycle and prevent you from moving beyond this material universe and the cycle of life and death and returning to god.


      2. Your quotes from the bible are all well and good, but none of them support the idea that the universe around us is anything but illusion

        Even scientific cosmological theories are pointing to the idea that time and space (and therefore the universe itself) are illusions as well.

        But what is real is the soul, what is real is love, those are real, these bodies and their material desires and needs are not.

        Only when you accept that can you return to god, only when you detach yourself from the idea of body as self and accept soul as self can you transcend the illusion.


        1. “See we have a different view, as a person changes clothing, so does the soul change bodies, and one can be anything across different lives, sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes animal or even plant.”

          My views are meaningless and so are yours if they aren’t true. The only way to know that anything is true is to test it. But you can’t test that metaphysical claim, you can only test the one who claims it. Are the Vedas/Hindu texts divinely inspired? Are your words divinely inspired? How can we know? The Vedas should be perfect, there should be some empirically verifiable way to support that this knowledge came from an omniscient source. But so far I’ve seen none. Only endless opinion and contradiction. This entire paragraph is opinion and should bear no weight whatsoever on the understanding of reality.

          What makes it meaningful, if it is at all, is if it aligns itself with truth proven to be consistent with reality. “You will die if you drink a gallon of Mercury.” That statement by itself means nothing but if it’s paired with what we observe in reality we know it carries weight. Can you dismiss the potential of Mercury poisoning by simply calling it Illusion?

          “As for love being the truth, love for god is truth, love for another soul is truth, but the other stuff, such as the material bodies around us and material desires, are illusion.”

          That seems like cherry picking to me. This is real but that is not. Seems like a matter of preference more than validity.

          What is your definition of illusion? What I think of when you say illusion is this


          That which appears to be one thing from one perspective but completely different in another. And in that sense I agree with you completely that the world is “an illusion”. Even Quantum mechanics supports this. But what I can’t concede is the notion that none of this is occurring at all. Something is happening, though our physical bodies are incapable of fully perceiving it. Can we agree on that? The world is illusion. Ok. But you contradict yourself. Our physical state is temporary yet our bodies do not exist? It can only be one or the other. Either bodies exist (though temporarily) or they don’t. If they don’t exist, aren’t we already spirit? If so, where does the idea of body come from? It’s so circular it makes my head spin. You can’t imagine a caflumglidenferder because it doesn’t exist. Yet we can imagine an entire universe filled with biology and physical matter that does not exist? I have every reason to believe this flesh exists on some plane of reality.

          “The Soul exists, not this body, and the only order to this world is that which is given to it as part of the illusion that keeps us trapped in this material universe.
          The material universe is a trap of our own making, the only way out is to accept its illusory nature.”

          I consider this to be a depressing point of view. I don’t want to escape physical reality, I revel in it. I’ll never understand the desire to lose one’s individuality. I was made with a distinct character and nature by my Maker, and I love Him all the more for it. Life was made for a purpose and one I intend to fully enjoy. The world may be messed up now but the Bible claims it will eventually be restored to its intended form.

          “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”(Revelation 21:4)

          At this point it appears to me that you are no longer advocating the teachings of Hinduism but Act113ism. For even Hinduism is concerned with justice beyond the flesh, i.e, Karma. I’m not sure why you deny yourself even that. Do you really think Hitler is exempt of cosmic justice? If you say you believe Hitler will face consequences in his next life, then you also believe in justice for the eternal soul. But that would not align with your previous statements. If you say he will not face consequences then Karma is false by your admission which contradicts a basic tenet of your faith. I’m not so ignorant to think Hinduism has one exclusive school of thought, and some deny the theory of Karma but that only validates my assertion that there would be no way for me to find any truth in Hinduism at all. For Karma cannot exist and not exist simultaneously.

          “See you’re making the mistake of thinking that this flesh is the real deal. It’s this thinking that will trap you in the cycle and prevent you from moving beyond this material universe and the cycle of life and death and returning to god.”

          I think there’s a spiritual side to reality that is more real than our present condition. I think we agree on that. But is it a mistake to think the way I do? How do you know? From what authority can you make this claim? Your own special revelation or divinity? Only omniscience could rightfully claim absolute truth. The Vedas or other Hindu sacred texts? These constantly contradict each other. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a Hindu by birth’s refutation of the Hindu belief system.


          I have yet to see anyone reconcile the VAST discrepancies in Hindu texts. There are a million different Hindu philosophies and none of them are rooted in anything other than personal preference. There are maybe 10 (and that’s stretching) denominations of Christianity, all of them affirm the same essential beliefs in Scriptural Authority and the Deity of Christ. Their differences are so few they can be shown on a one page chart


          Several cults use the Bible as a foundation but ultimately contradict themselves with their revisions of the text. I don’t count those.

          So I merely ask by what authority can you tell me that I am making a mistake? Logic can change a man’s opinion. But should it be changed by another opinion? That’s tough to swallow. Should I deny the historical, empirical, philosophical, astronomical, archaeological, biological evidence that all support my worldview, for an opinion? Or is that trail of evidence merely illusion as well? Though I appreciate your attempts to guide me to your “truth”, you ask my blind trust.

          “Your quotes from the bible are all well and good, but none of them support the idea that the universe around us is anything but illusion”

          It’s more than well and good. I use the Bible because without I have no foundation to stand on. I would only be arguing out of personal belief, which has no weight whatsoever on the nature of reality. The authority of the Bible is where all my claims stem from and I do so because empirical evidence supports it. http://www.emjc3.com/proof/bibleproofbook.pdf

          What empirical evidence is there to support your views?

          The Bible supports both concepts. That the universe is real and illusion. Romans 1:20 states: “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. Hebrews 11:3 states “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. “This leads one to surmise that there are eternal (spiritual) aspects imbued into our physical reality. I think this aligns more with your worldview. I see no reason to continue to separate ourselves in this issue when they’re virtually compatible. Let’s call it a soft agreement.

          “Even scientific cosmological theories are pointing to the idea that time and space (and therefore the universe itself) are illusions as well.”

          I concur. To a point. Let’s get past the illusionary nature of the universe and focus on truth. You affirm our ability to measure truth using science while denying it at the same time by saying what science is measuring isn’t actually true (“For only love and soul is true”) That seems contradicting.

          “But what is real is the soul, what is real is love, those are real, these bodies and their material desires and needs are not.
          Only when you accept that can you return to god, only when you detach yourself from the idea of body as self and accept soul as self can you transcend the illusion”

          Again, by what authority can you make this claim? Some Hindu belief systems say there is no god. Why should I follow your specific ideology? Besides preference. When I write I try to never say, “you are wrong” unless it’s absolutely verifiable. I can’t possibly KNOW I’m right. All I can do is defend and act on the most probable explanation I’ve heard. Instead of arguing that you are wrong and I am right, I try to understand your perspective and see if there is any merit in it. I find that the most dogmatic and faith filled people are those that know without a shadow of a doubt that they are right. I don’t have enough faith to believe you simply because you say so. I don’t have enough faith to believe in a 1,500 year old Bible unless it does a very good job of confirming its own authenticity. “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16) Now it’s my job to test that claim. And so far reality matches up.

          Again, if you want to continue this discussion privately I’m more than willing. I don’t mind a public dialogue but it can be a little slow. Just let me know and I’ll give you my email. In any case, may The Holy Spirit guide you to truth. God bless.


          1. These teachings can be found in the Gita, Bhagavata Purana and other texts (start with the Gita).

            If something is an illusion, then its not actually occurring, its only our consciousness that perceives it as occurring

            We create the illusion around us with our own consciousness.

            Not a contradiction, but pointing out the difference in perspectives within and outside the illusory material universe, within the material universe, within the illusion, we have a conception of time and space, within the illusory material universe we view things as moving as changing, everything within the material universe is temporary and transitory, nothing lasts forever within the material universe.

            But outside the universe, outside the illusion, you transcend time and space, and concepts of time and space become meaningless. Outside the illusion there is no such thing as temporary, as everything is timeless.

            So it’s not a contradiction, but the difference in perspectives. Whether one is operating within the illusion or outside.

            It’s not about losing one’s self, its about finding one’s true self, there is no loss of self, as the true self is the soul and it always exists.

            Reveling in the physical world is merely reveling in the illusion and allowing yourself to remain trapped.

            Once you abandon the illusion, that’s when you find out your true self is far greater than this mere flesh, this mere physical vessel.

            Not quite, karma is a material concept, karma is cause and effect, action and reaction, that is something that only matters in the material universe, within the illusion.

            Outside of the material universe Karma is as meaningless as time and space. This is why such concepts of justice are meaningless to the soul, as the soul exists outside the illusion.

            Again its about perspective.

            Not quite, as the bible quote you show only says god create the universe, but god can create an illusory universe for us to experience, but that doesn’t mean the universe is actually anything more than illusion.

            Not not a contradiction, as they aren’t measuring truth, they are measuring the illusion, One can be in an illusion and figure out that it is in fact illusion and even try to understand it, try and measure it, but they are still operating within the illusion, they are still trapped in the illusion.

            Scientists are doing just that, even as more and more come to the conclusion that it is an illusion. They aren’t measuring the truth (as the truth exists outside the material universe and that cannot be measured, at least not yet), they are in fact trying to comprehend the illusion in which we operate.

            When scientists attempt to search for subatomic particles or formulate a theory of the universe, they are operating within the material universe, the illusion, now they are trying to understand it and many are coming to the conclusion that it is an illusion, but they are still trapped within the illusion.


          2. Here is a little help to get you started on what to read friend

            In the gita:

            2:11-30 Points out the soul and how it transcends the material

            7:14 Krishna points out the illusory nature of the universe and how it traps you within the material


  5. Also as a final comment to this discussion

    You question the comments I’ve made, and yet you admit that scientific theory back up my points.

    You also are unable to point to any bible verse that supports your argument.

    Those views are contradictions friend.

    You admit the scientific theory supports the concept that the universe is an illusion, but question my comments that point out the same, instead you try to argue that the universe is real and that our bodies are real. In spite of the science saying otherwise

    You argue that the bible supports the argument that the universe is real, and yet have shown nothing in the bible to support that view (your quotes say nothing of this universe being the true reality), and yet you still try to argue that my points are wrong.

    In order to argue your belief that the universe is real and that these bodies are real, you’re ignoring the truth as shown in science and in your own bible quotes

    That contradicts your claim that you care about the truth friend, as you’re ignoring the truth to push your view


    1. I think our definitions of reality and illusion vary too widely to get any real consensus. I’ll stand by my prior comments. The verses and supporting articles I used are also essential to understanding my view. Nevertheless I concede that I can’t prove anything absolutely. I can only make the best case I can.

      Thank you for the enjoyable discussion. It’s important for me to gain different religious perspectives. Take care friend. And I mean that.


  6. After i heard the so called” Korra and Asami thing” and read what the producers said… I was completely bewildered the entire time! It’s not right and people should understand that couples are dude and a gal not gal and gal 😛 But we do live in a falling world all we can do is pray and try to get Nick to wake up and smell the roses but i dont think that’ll happen anytime soon.. Lord help us all
    but I still like the series just not the last episode couple ish part


  7. There is one HUGE difference between disagreeing with the Christian view of homosexuality as a sin and disagreeing with homosexuality from a Christian perspective.

    The former is fundamentally discriminatory and is not merely a different view. To believe that is to believe that homosexuals should not be given the same rights as heterosexuals. If these beliefs actually get implemented into policy then we have anti-gay legsilation which is contrary to the bible’s overarching message which is love for all.

    The latter is merely a difference of opinion and does not impinge on the rights of the Christian population. How does what a homosexual couple do affect you? You can spout all the nonsense you want but in reality, it simply does not affect you in the slightest way. If tomorrow 1000 homosexual couples married and you found out about it, whoop-di-doodle-doo. You’ll continue living your life completely normally as you would have if they did not get married.

    Furthermore, homosexuality in the bible, upon true its liberal contextual interpretation is much more underwhelming than you portray it. For example, homosexuals are called abominations in the bible – but other innocuous things are also called abominations: snails, snakes, anything you truly cherish. Clearly the meaning of abomination is much more innocuous than the ordinary meaning might have us believe.


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